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Parking & Traffic Control Wedge with Barrier Arm Operator

WedgeSmart DC is HySecurity’s innovative electromechanical parking and revenue control wedge with barrier arm operator. It provides continuous duty with UPS battery backup and meets the high cycle, high reliability and low maintenance demands of the rental car, valet, parking, anti-theft and revenue control automatic gate operator requirements.
Intelligent charging system monitors battery conditions to maximize battery life.
Surface mount makes installation quick and easy.
Configure gate operation to exact user needs with the sophisticated and easy-to-use Smart DC Controller and Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool (S.T.A.R.T.).
Optional Hy8Relay™ provides eight additional relay output terminals to the Smart DC Controller. Each user relay can be configured to perform a specific function, including revenue control options.
Uninterruptible Power Supply - WedgeSmart DC operates for over 150 cycles after AC power loss, keeps your site in operation and secure.*
*Actual UPS cycles depend on accessory power draw, frequency of cycles, battery health, ambient temperature and other conditions.
WedgeSmart DC
Crash EngineeredASTM F2656 SC40 – Small Car - 2,430 lb at 40 mph (1.1 metric tons at 64 km/h); FS30 – Full Size Sedan - 4,630 lb at 30 mph (2.1 metric tons at 48 km/h)
Lane Width9, 10, 12 and 14 ft (2.7, 3, 3.7, 4.3 m)
Open/Close Time5 seconds up / 5 seconds down
Duty CycleContinuous
Warranty2 years